Brick and Mortar - Masterclass

This is about connection. Connection to the body, to the breath and to the steady flame of prana that burns brightly in all of us. We will flow through a strong and fun Vinyasa Yoga practice, moving through Standing Poses, Arm-Balances, Inversions, Backbends, Twists and Folds to cultivate a sense of joy and peace that sinks deep into your marrow. Variation and Modifications will be given to accommodate all levels of practitioners. 

Slow Movement Society

This is a practice where we stop glorifying busyness, we no longer define success as our accomplishments, our possessions or how advanced our postures are. In this masterclass, we allow ourselves the opportunity to luxuriate in the grace of the transitions and we give ourselves time to notice, observe and settle in to the beauty of being. When moving slowly, we no longer allow ourselves to rush through shortcuts and bypass opportunities for strength and stability in the body and the mind. Expect a challenging all-levels flow where we navigate through many of the asana families focusing on creative but intentional transitions to bring more mobility, strength and awareness into your practice.

The Ties That Bind: A Fascial Freedom Flow

We have an intricate and intelligent web of tissue that connects every part of us. In yoga, we speak to the importance of bringing our awareness to our spirit and to recognize that the flow of energy that is animating us is the same energy that is animating and connecting us to everything else. In this workshop, we bring that same awareness to the web of fascia that connects, communicates, heals, protects and provides a scaffolding for every other system within our bodies to function and thrive. We will use movement, meditation, myofascial release balls and our own hands to ensure that our fascial layers have every opportunity to function at their optimal level. Expect an all-levels active vinyasa practice interspersed with discussion and various myofascial release techniques and quiet observation so that we can notice and integrate the immediate effect that this type of practice has on our holistic wellness.

Handstands 101

Let’s strip it down and focus our attention solely on standing on our hands. In this 3-hour workshop we will investigate a multitude of aspects that allow us to hold a safe and stable handstand.

The feet, the hips, the core, the shoulder girdle, the wrists and hands all play an important role in getting and staying upside down. We’ll open, strengthen and integrate through an intelligent flow of foundational poses to build the strength and body awareness needed to fly. We’ll then move towards wall-work, partner work, and ultimately to solo flight.

All levels are welcome and variations and modifications will be given to beginners and seasoned handstanders alike.

Find Your Float

Cultivating a floating practice in asana depends on finding a balance between intelligent strength and deliberate technique. Strength brings the levity to the movements, but it is the proper technique that brings the grace. In this workshop we will move through a strong and creative flow that will unlock new movement patterns, new transitions and new knowledge on how to float through your practice. This is an all-levels workshop with modifications and variations given throughout. 

The heart of hanuman

Join Adam for a 3-hour workshop where we’ll explore the inspiring tales of this divine monkey through story, song and sweat!

Hanuman is a relatively minor character in traditional texts but through his devotion and dedication to his dharma, he has won his way into the heart of modern yoga.

Be ready to take flight on your mat in a powerful and uplifting asana practice. We will flow, balance, invert and maybe even leap over an ocean or two in this class integrated with Kirtan and overflowing with community and heart. You will leave inspired and uplifted by Hanuman’s adventures and ready to live with his clarity and purpose.

In the Footsteps of Ganesh

Ganesh is one of the most well-known and worshipped deities in the Hindu tradition. Easily recognizable with his elephant head, tray full of sweets, broken tusk and big belly; Ganesh is commonly known as the destroyer of obstacles. In this workshop, we will explore some of the lesser known attributes of this divine elephant who is also the god of beginnings, the arts and intelligence. Expect an all-levels challenging asana and movement class integrated with story and song as we trace the path that will bring us to bow to the feet of Ganesh. 

Divine Poetry: Unraveling the Mystery of Mantra

The sages of yoga tell us that our essential nature is truth, joy and bliss. Our separation from that bliss is due to our entanglement in the peaks and valleys of this human experience. Mantra is a potent and powerful tool that can act as a bridge to take the practitioner over the fluctuations of the external world and reconnect them to consciousness within.

In this workshop we will weave strong asana and mindful mantra together to tune the body, breath, mind and voice so they can all come together in a clear and purposeful harmony. We will wade in the waters of Mantra Vidya, or the science of Mantra. Part discussion, part all-levels asana practice, and part Kirtan; we will converse with the intellect, the heart and the body to truly feel the power of this ancient practice. 

The art of letting go

The words “Just Let Go” commonly fall from the lips of yoga teachers in studios around the world. But what does that actually mean and is it that easy? In this three hour workshop, we will combine modern science, ancient wisdom and intense asana to learn the skills and acquire the tools to truly release the dead weight that is holding us down and holding us back. Part discussion, part meditation and pranayama, and part asana, expect to learn skills that will help you break free from the gravitational pull of the past.

  • —Learn meditation techniques that assist in clearing past and current anchors weighing you down

  • Acquire tools to help assist the nervous system in times of stress

  • Use Asana and Movement to understand the neurophysiology of Trauma

  • Learn to harness the power of the breath to shift your energy

To The Heart of It - An evening of kirtan

Krishna Das said that “chanting breaks down the difference between the inside and the outside. It’s about having a heart that never shuts down, that nothing can shut down.” Kirtan, or chanting, is a part of the devotional path of yoga, or Bhakti Yoga. During a Kirtan, we offer our voices in song and celebration as an offering to the divine that resides in all of us and that connects us with everything.

Come and join your voice and spirit with the chorus and community in this workshop filled with song and discussion. We will learn about the path of Bhakti Yoga and the roots and branches of Kirtan. Both ancient mantra and contemporary songs will be sung and shared in a relaxed no-pressure environment. Come and sing, or come and listen with your eyes closed and heart wide open.

Functional Anatomy For Yogis
Block 1 - Shoulder The Weight
Block 2 - It's All In The Hips


This workshop is for anybody who is curious about what happens below the skin and above the spirit in an asana. What will start as an in-depth discussion of the actions of the muscles around the pelvis and the shoulders will quickly move to the yoga mat where we will apply the knowledge to individual poses and transitions. With a deeper understanding of the muscular systems of the body and how they effect the skeleton, we can lead ourselves and our students deeper into the physical practice while remaining safe
and stable. Open to students and teachers, all levels welcome. 

The Space Between - An Exploration of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is one of the most energetically transformational asana yoga practices. Through deep discussion and a long exploratory practice, we investigate the Traditional Chinese Meridians and their anatomical counterparts, the fascial meridians. With hands on learning and embodied practice, we will learn how we can use both the meridians and the fascial trains to create a healthy functional body, a clear and calm mind, and balanced energy. 

Teacher Immersion - The Art of Advanced Assisting

The Art of Advanced Assisting is easily my favorite module to teach. I love spending an entire weekend discussing some of the pillars of safe, effective and powerful hands on adjustments. Pattabhi Jois said that “assisting is the fastest method of accelerating progress” in the practice of asana. Throughout the weekend, we will spend plenty of time on the mechanics of assisting and the alignment of different families of postures, but we will also go deeper. We will discuss energetics of assists, when to not assist and why, and how to bring intuition and compassion into your assisting. 

Ultimately as a teacher our goal is to deliver the message of yoga, whether it is strictly anatomical alignment or the deep pool of the philosophical teachings. For me, to be an effective teacher we must use every tool at our disposal to convey that message. We use our voice, our energy, our sequencing, our messaging, and also when appropriate, our hands. Throughout the weekend, my intention for students is to leave with these four qualities when it comes to assisting:

KNOWLEDGE: To acquire the skills necessary to administer a variety of solid, useful and safe adjustments. Also, that you are able to give prescriptive and individualised assists instead of mechanical rote adjustments. 

CONFIDENCE: Our energy as a teacher is easily read by our students through our assists. If there is uncertainty and nervousness behind the adjustment, the student will immediately receive that energy. It is imperative that when we touch our students we bring with that touch a clear sense of confidence and clarity to build a relationship of trust.

CLARITY: This is in all things assisting. We discuss when to assist, when not to assist How deep. How Firm. How Long. Why? Giselle Mari, a Jivamukti teacher, told me once that an assist should never be distracting, confusing, annoying or susceptible to misinterpretation. A high standard to hold ourselves to, for sure, but our students deserve that clarity.

COMPASSION: In our discussion of the alignment and anatomy of each posture, we will discuss in depth that when we assist, we are assisting our students into the fullest expression of their version of the pose. We bring deep compassion into our assisting, understanding that every body will express a different variation of the asana, and our job is to keep them safe while we guide them deeper into their practice, not always deeper into their posture.

Teacher Immersion - The Science of Intelligent Sequencing

At the completion of the practice, our students should feel challenged but balanced, expanded but still centered, educated but also assimilated. This is a true craft that must be developed, workshopped and evolved so that your students trust you to guide them towards new territory and uncharted lands.

In this immersion, we will delve into the science of Vinyasa Krama, Intelligent Sequencing. We will cover several different sequencing techniques, including Peak Pose, Muscle Group Focus, General Flow and Energetic. Each day will begin with a comprehensive practice laying out a specific sequencing technique. We will then move into an Asana Lab, where we will break down the alignment and anatomy of the key postures from the practice. Then on to the Sequencing Lab. Through lecture, group work, demonstration and individual study we will create new sequences to share, feedback and refine until we have complete classes to bring to our students. 

The skill of sequencing is a key component that makes teachers truly transformational. You are the guide, bringing your students on an epic journey. Make sure that you are prepared for the pilgrimage.