Teacher Mentorship Program

In the west, the practice of Yoga has been riding a rising tide of popularity that has brought yoga studios and their Teacher Trainings to the doorsteps of millions of eager students. The rate of growth and expansion has introduced the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and movement to the general population, but it has also left some pretty big gaps and shortcomings in how we train and certify our teachers. Many new teachers walk away from their 200 hour teacher training with a certificate and this question rattling around their heads: What's Next? 

200 Hours is an amazing introduction to the basics of the practice, but as with anything of depth, it takes many years of study to gain competency of even the smallest aspect of yoga. The Teacher Mentorship Program has been designed to help guide teachers, to sharpen their skills and to ensure that they are constantly working to improve their craft.

  • Refine Sequencing Skills

  • Receive Feedback and Coaching on live or recorded classes

  • Deepen Functional Anatomy Knowledge

  • Develop Potent Philosophical Messaging

  • Live or Online Meetings

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