300-Hour Advanced
Vinyasa Yoga
Teacher Training

This Advanced Teacher Training will provide you with an integrative and immersive education on postural yoga alignment, functional anatomy and sequencing skills, Yin Yoga approaches and techniques and the philosophy and practical approach to Mantra Yoga. The 4 modules can be taken independently and in any order. they can also be combined to qualify you for a 500 Certification through Yoga Alliance.



Module 1
The Art of Advanced Sequencing

At the completion of the practice, our students should feel challenged but balanced, expanded but still centered, educated but also assimilated. This is a true craft that must be developed, workshopped and evolved so that your students trust you to guide them towards new territory and uncharted lands.

In this immersion, we will delve into the science of Vinyasa Krama, Intelligent Sequencing. We will cover several different sequencing techniques, including Peak Pose, Muscle Group Focus, General Flow and Energetic. Each day will begin with a comprehensive practice laying out a specific sequencing technique. We will then move into an Asana Lab, where we will break down the alignment and anatomy of the key postures from the practice. Then on to the Sequencing Lab. Through lecture, group work, demonstration and individual study we will create new sequences to share, feedback and refine until we have complete classes to bring to our students. 

The skill of sequencing is a key component that makes teachers truly transformational. You are the guide, bringing your students on an epic journey. Make sure that you are prepared for the pilgrimage. 

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Module 2
Functional Anatomy and intelligent Assisting

This training is for anybody who is curious about what happens below the skin and above the spirit in an asana. What will start as an in-depth discussion of the origins, insertions and actions of muscles will quickly move to the yoga mat where we will apply the knowledge to individual poses and transitions. With a deeper understanding of the muscular and fascial systems of the body and how they effect the skeleton, we can lead ourselves and our students deeper into the physical practice while remaining safe and stable.

From there we will move on to Intelligent Assisting. We will learn the the pillars of safe, effective and powerful hands on adjustments. Throughout the module, we will spend plenty of time on the mechanics of assisting and the alignment of different families of postures, but we will also go deeper. We will discuss energetics of assists, when to not assist and why, and how to bring intuition and compassion into your assisting. 

Ultimately as a teacher our goal is to deliver the message of yoga, whether it is strictly anatomical alignment or the deep pool of the philosophical teachings. For me, to be an effective teacher we must use every tool at our disposal to convey that message. We use our voice, our energy, our sequencing, our messaging, and also when appropriate, our hands.


module 3
The Softening
The heart of yin yoga

Yin Yoga is one of the most energetically transformational postural yoga practices. Through deep discussions and a long exploratory practices, we will investigate the Traditional Chinese Meridians and their anatomical counterparts, the fascial meridians. With hands on learning and embodied practice, we will learn how we can use both the meridians and the fascial trains to create a healthy functional body, a clear and calm mind, and balanced energy. The energetic systems of yoga and the anatomical tenants of the body and the nervous system will be weaved together so we can speak to the body, the mind and the spirit through this restorative and healing practice.


module 4
Divine Poetry
an exploration of mantra, bhakti and kirtan

The sages of yoga tell us that our essential nature is truth, joy and bliss. Our separation from that bliss is due to our entanglement in the peaks and valleys of this human experience. Mantra is a potent and powerful tool that can act as a bridge to take the practitioner over the fluctuations of the external world and reconnect them to consciousness within.

In this training we will weave strong asana and mindful mantra together to tune the body, breath, mind and voice so they can all come together in a clear and purposeful harmony. We will wade in the waters of Mantra Vidya, or the science of Mantra, explore the sacred texts of yoga, speak to the power of music and learn traditional and modern chants, and we will dive in to the energy of devotion through Bhakti Yoga.

Course Details

  • Each Module consists of 75 Hours of Contact Hours with Adam Whiting and guest facilitators.

  • These modules will either consist of 8 consecutive days running from 8:00am - 6:00pm, or two long weekends of Thursday through Sunday running from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

  • When all 4 of the modules have been completed, they combine to achieve the 300 Hours necessary for 500 Hour Certification through Yoga Alliance.

  • Tuition for each module is $999 USD. A non-refundable deposit of $299 is due for each module upon acceptance into a specific program.


Upcoming Modules

MODULE 3 | The Softening, The heart of Yin Yoga
DATES: November 14-17, December 5-8
ALL DAYS 8:00AM - 6:00PM
LOCATION: Queen City Yoga Center
2317 Randolph Road
Charlotte, NC

Email info@adamwhitingyoga.com with any questions.